The Importance Of Education In Education

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Education is one of the fundamental aspects of developed societies. It prepares children for their future jobs- many of which are being taken over by robots- by teaching them skills such as solving mathematical equations or building computers. Although the U.S spends the most money out of any country on education (XYZ), U.S college graduations rates are decreasing every year, far behind its level of international dominance 100 years ago. There are multiple reasons why America’s education system is declining. First, teachers aren’t prepared, efficient, or engaged enough in their job: many students get bored and distracted in school, thus limiting their potential to learn. Second, schools aren’t accommodating for students with disabilities or special needs: poor kids with learning disabilities rarely succeed compared to their normal peers. Third, the values brought on by school aren’t relevant towards students’ learning: students are required to study for standardized tests over their schoolwork, students prioritize their grades over learning (which may lead to cheating), and teachers are given more responsibility for students’ learning rather than the students taking more responsibility themselves. Cathy Davidson analyzes these issues and proposes different approaches for reforming education in her essay “Project Classroom Makeover”. Davidson argues that “unlearning” concepts in schools improves a student’s overall performance. For example, irrelevant school subjects and

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