The Importance Of Employee Security

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Organizations must provide mandatory cybersecurity training to prevent instances of hacking and cyberattacks. This can result in a loss of profits due to network damage and fraud caused by the stealing of assets by unauthorized persons. Traditionally, Information Technology (IT) departments have been responsible of maintaining an organization’s computer networks. Cybersecurity measures are implemented by this department to ensure that both hardware and software are safe and secure to eliminate potential risks through mitigation strategies. Employees from other departments within the organization must be included in cybersecurity initiatives because of the growing use of the Internet in the global economy. This is necessary because …show more content…

As such, each of these were able to engage in improved business related tasks (Mathews, Bianchi, Perks, Healy &Wickramasekera, 2016).
The Internet has also resulted in improved communication because traditionally in public and private sector workplaces, employees who attend meetings out of town would have to travel to do so. However, the use of computer networks has helped organizations decrease costs because employees no longer have to travel excessively; the large scale meetings and conferences can be conducted over the Internet and remote users can access it from wherever they are. This is made possible through the use of electronic conferencing modalities that has both audio and video capabilities. In addition, organizations can use email clients to communicate pertinent business information, as well as to send large files (Mathews, Bianchi, Perks, Healy &Wickramasekera, 2016). This too decreases overall expenditures because of the elimination of the operating costs associated with postage. According to Rotchanakitumnuai and Speece (2003), many business and government organizations also use the Internet to processes financial transactions which can be either internal or external. Internal transactions refer to the use of computer networks to purchase items and to pay for business related costs. Therefore, the use of computer networks in this regard provides

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