The Importance Of Environmental Control

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Environmental Control Environmental control is defined as the “ability of the person to control nature and to plan and direct factors in the environment that affect them” (Giger and Davidhizar 2002). Some cultures believe they control nature to meet their needs. Others believe more in external and control and instead believe nature dominates the individual. Culture greatly influences beliefs about environmental control.
Biological Variations
Diversity within a culture includes biological variations in physiological, physical, and cognitive characteristics. For example, there is evidence suggesting different races metabolize drugs differently (Giger and Davidhizar 2002). Another difference is the differences between racial groups and susceptibility to disease.
Hispanic Culture
Most Hispanic immigrants speak English fluently, however there are still many that speak mostly, if not all, Spanish (CDC 2011). Hispanics view verbal communication as courteous and respectful. However, in nonverbal communication maintaining eye contact may be interpreted as a challenge to some Hispanic cultures. Overall, Hispanic social norms emphasize the importance of communication both verbal and nonverbal in relationships (CDC 2011).
In Hispanic culture, developing a personal relationship is extremely important (Galanti 2008). Generally, a nurse who focuses on the patient’s family and interests before discussing anything “health-care” related will result a more trusting

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