The Importance Of Family In The Family

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Diversity among families is a growing phenomenon in the United States. There are more single parent families and divorce is at an all time high. However, this diversity comes with questions about the state of families in the modern age. People wonder if families are growing more resilient, or if families are in a decline. In addition, people question if children truly need both a mother and a father and if children with absent fathers are at greater risks than their counterparts. This paper will argue in favor and support of these two stances. The family decline argument states that families are in a decline and the institution of marriage is suffering. This position comes from those with more traditional views of family. People who grew up in families with few divorcees and who value nuclear families also argue this position. However, it is not just personal opinion that has led to this mindset, it's statistics. Data from multiple studies have shown that there are less adults who are married, more divorcees, many people are still single or living together out of marriage, increased numbers of children born out of wedlock, married women are having fewer children, and single parent households are becoming more common.(Benokraitis, 2015, p. 15). These statistics challenge the traditional nuclear family unit and frightens those with more conservative views. This mindset does have a few holes in it however. While more people are waiting to get married, it is partially because

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