The Importance Of Finding Useful And Strong Evidence

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Finding useful and strong evidence is always one of the most difficult, yet one of the most important aspectpart of writing an essay. Evidence is the foundationbase of an essay and all the essay’s content relies on the evidence to support it and make a powerful statement. Most college students are familiar with the concept of finding and using evidence to support their arguments in their essays. It has been something that we have learned in grade school that we have all executed on all of our essays. Evidence is used in order to make all statements and arguments deemed correct. It is always difficult to refute someone when they have strong evidence. With good evidence, the author is able to convince the reader to believe what the author is …show more content…

In many parts of the article, I will either include a lot of my own analysis or a lot of quotes from other articles. I need to find a perfect balance between the two so i have the perfect amount of my own work and analysis and the evidence I need to include in order to justify my analysis. Another weakness I think is the way I cite my sources. I’m not completely sure the best way to cite my source. I know that I need to have a works cited part but I struggle with incorporating my citation into the actual text. Some strengths that I have are my organization. I was able to split my article into separate sections and each section describes a different factor that students should take account of when finding sources and evidence for their writings. I also think a strength of mine was relating to the audience because I know that my audience is college students, so incorporated different scenarios and situations that they would relate to more. For example, I know that college students are typically very experienced in social media, so I incorporated a section about social media because I know that many college students may not know that using social media as a new source is not resourceful.

How to Find Reliable Sources as Evidence
The concept of using evidence to support your words is a concept that most people are familiar with and is constantly used everyday. It could be something as simple as proving to

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