The Importance Of Food Choices On School Canteens

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Objective 2:
For this objective, the first action would be to get schools to tax and subside different foods sold within their canteens. Currently, unhealthy food and drink options are much cheaper than the healthier options, making people more inclined to purchase the unhealthy choice. If schools were to increase the price of unhealthy options and decrease that of healthy options by taxing the former and subsiding the latter, it could result in a change in behaviour with children opting to buy the healthy options over unhealthier ones. It is known that food price has a big effect on consumption choices and according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Population-based approach to Childhood Obesity Prevention, changes in price can be used to improve population health and studies have shown that altering the prices of foods often leads to changes in children’s consumption patterns. (who pop). When targeting obesity, focus cannot be solely on levels of physical activity as dietary habits plays an important role in contributing to child health and weight.
The Ottawa Charter areas this action fits into are; building health public policy - as it will encourage the policy makers among schools to be aware of the health consequences of their decisions regarding canteens, creative supportive environments - because it brings to light the fact that school environments influence children’s health and should be a source of health while also making the healthy choice the easy

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