The Importance Of Forensic Pathology

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Abstract Forensic pathologist play a vital role in the justice system in matters concerning questions of death. Forensic pathology has been considered a specialty in medicine. Although often not recognized forensic pathology is a growing specialty. Recent decades have brought a plethora of technological advances, popularized criminal cases, and even mainstream media programs that has pushed this specialty into the eyes of the public, boosting this professions esteem. However modern forensic science faces enormous challenges. Forensic science has not developed a culture that reflects important aspects of how science builds on peer review research. The Importance of Forensic Pathologist The role of a forensics pathologist in today’s society has become one of great importance. These pathologist provide huge contributions to court cases, grieving families, and the universe, in general. Society should know the essential information of a forensic pathologist, the responsibilities, the aspects examined when a forensics pathologist is determinig the cause of death, why they play a important part in the universe, and lastly why there is not a huge amount of forensic pathologist. Society, as a whole, does not recognize how important the role a forensics pathologist plays in solving the unknown. Essential Information According to Nicole Callaghan, a biology evidence instructor, with a bachelors in forensic science, “pathologist are trained to speak for the dead, they deal more with
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