The Importance Of Government

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Government is something that every country needs. Without government there would complete anarchy. Anarchy doesn't work because citizens can’t be completely free to do whatever they want. One of the main reasons that government is a necessity is because the government needs to set in stone, laws that the citizens must abide to. We need rules and laws in a country, because without them people would be free to use and take advantage of each other. We also need the government, because we need to be able to communicate and organize sessions with other countries in order to resolve conflicts, or talk economics/trading. We the people have always had some form of government leading us in the United States, and without one we wouldn’t know how to handle situations. It’s important for a country to have decently strict immigration laws. Accepting a bunch of foreigners into the country can actually be risky due to not knowing their previous way of life or beliefs. The Government must provide several required services to the people. The Government must provide a well trained police force system to protect everyday citizens from crime. Related to that subject the government must provide a good court, and jail system to handle possible convicts. Every country also should have a good education system. The future of each and every country depends on the younger generation. Another service that the government must provide is a fire department. Without fire departments many people could lose

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