The Importance Of High School And College

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Having a quality education is the key for succeeding in life. High School was the beginning of my journey. There are various differences between a High School student and a College student. The major I chose was Practical Nursing. I believe this major will be the stepping stones of my Nursing career. The services provided at HCCC to students will aide me to obtain my Practical Nursing degree. The transformation from High School to College will be a smooth transition with the help of HCCC’s assistance to obtain a higher education. It is often said that High School prepares students for college. Many students are not aware of the major differences high school and college has. As a matter of fact, one major dissimilarity is the assignments. In high school the assignments aren’t challenging. For example a powerpoint assignment on how global warming is affecting us would require a few facts to add on a 10 slide powerpoint presentation. In college a research paper asks for pages of full details on a given topic. Furthermore, in High school attendance is more lenient. Meanwhile in college attendance is strongly suggested. In order to fulfil the High school diploma requirements, students should not have more than 10 absences in the school year. In High School students are allowed at least 9 absences before failing the school year, while in college students fail the course after two absences. Unlike in college you automatically fail a course if you have two or more absences. To

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