The Importance Of Going To College

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College for many people has always been viewed as a must do, a must have, or it is very hard to be successful in the future. This article can change the way people look at going to college. “Universities are not intended to teach the knowledge required to fit men for some special mode of gaining their livelihood,” John Stuart Mill said. Charles Murray shares his view about how college is not always the best option for people by using different views of people and statistics to show why college may not be all it is said to be. Differences in an opinion by people can show too many people going to college or people do not need to go to college. Murray shows that there has to be a better way to become successful than by just getting a degree. Many students go to college looking to get a degree, but only about a third of people actually leave with one. The college experience is also different for different types of students. Students who are in the top percentiles of their academic ability should be pushed and could find going to college a beneficial experience because it was easier for them to achieve their goals and get the type of job they wanted. “Also they are comparing students with the academic ability in the 80th percentile are still smart kids but we don't know if they will be able to respond to a course considering students in the lower odds are less likely to respond”. For students not in the top percentiles for academics and cannot get scholarships money becomes a
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