The Importance Of Higher Education

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Students from around the world can come study and have access to these higher learning institutions. As suppose to dating back to the Ancient Greece era when educational studies were for those that were well prosperous citizens. In the United States today, education at a higher learning horizon has been easily accessible which includes college and universities. Students are unconcerned about the quality of the education and conceive to be a repetitive sequence for universities to educate students on the same material on a year to year basis. It is not a about the learning for this education system anymore, it is about getting your degree while graduating on time to began a career profession in the real world, being what you called “street smart,” and have a negative outlook on what higher learning is in the world today.
The greater purpose of college or higher education is to ensure a career after graduation. There are many statistics that show that, you earn and make more dollars with a college degree than a high school diploma and much more suitable to ensure employment after obtaining a degree. Hrabowski stated that, “College graduates are much more likely to be employed than those only with a high school diploma and earn substantially higher salaries. According to this viewpoint, college graduates aren’t suckers; they’re the winners in a globally competitive economy” (Hrabowski 260). Reading through Hrabowski, I strongly agree with what he states about higher

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