The Importance Of Immigrants In A Multicultural Country

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Importance of Immigrants in a Multicultural Country
The day an immigrant comes to America, all their wishes come true. As America is the land of opportunities, especially for young people, they get to explore the World beyond them. They see how different people live in harmony. They explore new cultures, ritual and festivals, as they learn new languages. The people do not have to go to different countries to experience their cultures, they can enjoy it in the United States. And anybody would agree that this is a land of opportunities. But the current administration makes it harder for the immigrant to come in the United States and result to that is just a disagreement by citizens if the United States and the world.
As per the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, implies that the law for immigration in the United States is not strict enough. He thinks that a lot of immigrants have entered the United States and among them most are illegal. During his whole campaign before becoming president, president Trump just talked about how he was going to remove all the illegal immigrants from the United States, which never happened. And the reason it did not happen was that it is impossible for government to identify illegal immigrants, and further more even if the government found a way, it would cost them a fortune to do it. But the main point of his whole campaign was to ban Muslims from coming to the United States because in his opinion, these people are terrorist who

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