The Importance Of Imparded Materials In Australia

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Abstract— With the current rate of development of big cities needs to development of public transportation frame-work like metro and train, and new residential and commercial buildings have become more important than the past. In these new developments, the ground needs to be excavated in great volume. In this study, the current approach of handling of the excavated material in Australia has been investigated. Furthermore, recent studies concerning the material management have been discussed in order to identify shortages in handling the material responsibly. It has been found that current trend toward material handling in Australia is based on transporting the material to landfills and in few projects is to use as refill material. …show more content…

Once is considered waste, it will be an unusable burden which needs to be dumped in landfills. Additionally, creating landfills for this volume of waste is not possible and can harm the environment with the highest costs. It is worth mentioning that amount of spoil which we need to deal with each year is more than the total amount of municipal and demolition construction waste, which may cause a rapid development of landfills. In the last 20 years, some studies have been done on the responsible handling of the excavated material, with a careful investigation of the previous studies some shortages in the handling of the material have been identified which need to be addressed.
In this study identification of relevant literature has been done in several stages. In the first stage, the relevant keywords have been used to identify the appropriate literature existed in Scopus library. These keywords were “Spoil”, “spoil Management”, “excavation”, “Construction” and “Material Handling”. There were several studies discussing waste, waste management and construction and waste which were excluded in this study to prevent the inception of treating the material as waste in a construction environment. In the second stage, abstracts of identified literature in the last stage have been reviewed carefully

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