The Importance Of Information Technology

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From the very beginning, information technology (IT) was invented as tools to support process in organisations. At the latter, the role is shifting from tools into strategic enabler. Kim and Jee (2007) argue that most of firms might have IT in their businesses not only as a support tool. Hence, they believe that IT has become an integral part of business strategy for many organisations. Whilst IT might have sort of capabilities to trigger innovation, however, IT still play its basic role as business essential support (Tallon et al. 2016). Lutfman (2000) finds some evidences from previous studies that IT can play role as industry and market transformer. Moreover, those mentioned roles of IT inevitably might help improve variety of processes in company (Rahayu and Day 2015).
In order to utilise the benefits of IT, companies probably need to select IT which may fit to their businesses or the other way around (Luftman 2000). The term perfect alignment might be used to describe the level of condition whether “IT fully supports the business strategy in such a way that the supply of IT resources equals the demand for IT resources” (Tallon et al. 2016). The other studies (McKeen and Smith, 2003; Lutfman 2000) define alignment as state of company when activities, needs, strategies, goals and related information technology can remain in harmony. Nonetheless, there is no consensus definition of business and IT alignment.
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