Designing For Health : Designer 's Responsibility Essay

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2. Project Context This Chapter covers the list of literature studies (all the research will be listed and briefly described), the project typology (the type of project), and the human factor (describing how the research paper relates and affect humans). 2.1 History of Ideas (literature study) This section presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researcher. This will also present the synthesis of the design, theoretical and conceptual framework to fully understand the research to be done. 2.1.1 Designers’ responsibility toward healthcare spaces Designing for Health: Designer’s responsibility to Patient Health written by Henson, M and Baker, M and Keane, K (2015) In the article ‘Designing for Health: Designers’ Responsibility to Patient Health’, written by Marie Henson, Molly Baker, and Kirsten Keane, Perkins+Will, states that “healthcare designers are fundamentally responsible for providing an enhanced healing environment that focuses on stress reduction, safety, and high-quality indoor spaces for patients, caregivers, and families.” The first step towards reaching this goal is through the material selection that supports healthy environments and allows occupants to heal, recover and prosper in the healthcare environment. (Henson, Baker and Keane 2015) i. Relevance of the study It briefly describes the paper’s question of what are the interior designers’ responsibility towards healthcare design. It also
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