The Importance Of Internet Censorship

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The internet should not be censored for violent and sexual content. Parents should trust their children and hold them to the honor system. Additionally, internet censorship may lead to a reduced amount of creativity and collaboration. Internet censorship would affect the public immensely as it is a direct violation of the public’s right to express themselves in whatever manner they choose. Parents should trust their children and hold them to the honor system when it comes to using public resources such as the internet. Ideally, parents should not have to constantly worry about their children using the internet. The reality of the situation is, parents do worry about everything their child might encounter as a result of the evil in the world. However, parents ought to raise their children in a fashion where they are consciously able to determine right from wrong within their decisions. Regardless of the manner in which parents discipline their children, children will always be curious to explore the realm of the internet whilst possibly encountering something inappropriate for their viewing. Consequently, establishing an honor system between the parent and the child early on creates a mutual level of understanding. Along with the establishment of trust, the parent is capable of frequently checking in with the child in regards to the child’s use of the internet. Furthermore, the parent should possess absolute access to the child’s source of the internet and be consistent in

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