The Importance Of Internet Censorship In China

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We have all been on our usual search engine and clicked on the random news articles. Whether it be Kim Kardashian’s holiday or the controversy between Donald Trump and the Russian president. We are free to roam the internet here in Australia without the thought of someone stalking our searches. However, some countries strictly limit the information the public is exposed to. Specifically, China’s internet relies on censoring content to protect the public from cybercrimes and preventing the leakage of information about the country. But is censorship in China implemented to do harm to its society, or purely to protect it? What is the extent of China’s internet censorship that is actually necessary for societal protection?

What is censorship in China?
Censorship is a way to control the information the public in China is able to see. Web chats, search engines and social media platforms are the main aspects censored on the Chinese internet. Controversial and belittling content are sought out by human and technical censors to be removed. The Great Firewall is the main technical way the Chinese government is able to censor various aspects of the internet and was initiated by China’s Ministry of Public Security. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are censored as one can search up, for example, how to overthrow the government, as stated by Jason Q. Ing, a researcher who delves deep into the Chinese internet to understand the mysteries behind censorship . A
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