The Importance Of Looking Before You Leap Essay

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The Importance of Looking Before You Leap Media portrays romantic relationships as a whirlwind of emotions that ends in a happily ever after in the course of a few days; children’s movies are a larger perpetrator of this idea. But how accurate is this to real life relationships? Research, including John Van Epp’s book “How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk,” tells us that a healthy relationship is built on more than the initial emotions we feel. In chapter one of “How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk,” Epp discusses the importance of the love-is-blind phenomenon where we either one, don’t know how to identify predictors of relationship dissatisfaction or two, become so attached to someone that we minimize predictors in the belief that things will get better. The love-is-blind phenomenon causes discourse between the heart and mind, two things that need to be harmonious in order for a healthy relationship. Epp also discusses the predictors of (dis)satisfaction in order to find a partner that complements us and identify things that could result in potential problems in the relationship. For the first chapter, I found the predictors to be the most interesting point in this chapter. Epp identified five categories that seemed to play a large role in marital satisfaction and they are compatibility potential, relationship skills, patterns from other relationships, family patterns and background, and character and conscience traits. Compatibility potential is the similarities

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