The Importance Of Love In My Life

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Most of my life, I had imagined a lively family, that would always be loved, as well as to love each other. December 2014 was when it happened. My parents had always been in love, they even had a movie that represented their relationship. Every day was to be a contented one, as long as our family was together. I felt terrible to have had to experience such grief when the joyous holidays were ahead of me. While I was eating dinner with my sister, the sound of yelling and the thumping of steps down the stairs made my heart drop. What was going on? Even though my parents had stopped loving each other, it doesn’t mean they can not find love once again. My mom and dad had been together for over ten years. I had built my own special connections with them that I would never share with anyone else. The love that I thought I knew seemed to be different because behind it all was a lie. A lie that I could not bear to ever understand. As I grew older, I started to see their love grow to deteriorate into sadness. My mom had always shown compassion and kept their love strong. My dad had always gone out of his way to make my mom happy and keep her protected. We had decided to make some fun memories to go on a trip. I was so happy to go to Alaska, but I never truly knew that this trip wasn’t for memories, but it was more of a goodbye to a normal life. I will always remember the memory of the last moment my parents looked into each other's eyes with true love. We had gone on one

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