The Importance Of Maintaining The Race

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On the importance of maintaining the race, George quotes Dr. James G. Needham, a professor of entomology, stating, “The road to social deterioration runs by way of continued breeding from inferior stock. . . . Devastated cities may be rebuilt again by renewed labor and lost fortunes may be reestablished. . . . But the powers of mind and character eliminated by bad breeding may hardly be restored” (p. 46). Next George offers recommendations for social justice and national greatness (pp. 47-48). They are: 1) Avoid those actions and programs that seem destined to bring about deterioration in the quality of our genetic pool. More specifically, it means the avoidance of any compulsory programs that would tend to bring about the mating of well-endowed, potentially creative people with poorly endowed, uncreative people. [Avoid integration, especially forced integration, especially the forced integration of children.] 2) Adopt programs that have good promise of raising the quality of our pool of genes and so increasing the number of able and wise people in our population, since the production of the maximum number of able and wise men seems the surest way to national greatness. 3) Insofar as our knowledge, wisdom, and resources permit, improve the quality of our environment so as to permit and stimulate the fruition of all our good genetic potentialities in order to further increase the chances for the production of wise leaders and able people at all levels. In engineering

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