The Importance Of Making Smart Transportation And Transportation

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● Transportation Uncovering the information you need to make smart traffic and transportation facility planning decisions Keeping drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists safe while ensuring traffic moves efficiently is a challenging task. Fortunately, BriefCam is ready. BriefCam’s Synopsis technology enables companies to review hours of video in minutes, respond immediately with real-time Smart Alerts, and analyze data to ensure traffic, transit facilities and airports are running at peak efficiency. Review • Rapidly review hours of video in minutes to quickly investigate traffic accidents, left bag incidents or theft Research • BriefCam enables you to view aggregate data to track and analyze months of traffic or human behavior to identify …show more content…

BriefCam unlocks the hidden value in video surveillance using rapid review, quantitative insights and real-time alerts to help organizations optimize worker and equipment efficiency, as well as to ensure compliance with safety and insurance requirements. Review - Search hours of video in minutes, focusing on a specific person or piece of machinery to investigate a workers compensation claim or accident - Ensure that all employees wear proper safety equipment and that forklifts travel at the proper speed, with forks in the appropriate position Research - Uncover safer and more efficient paths for machinery and workers - Understand how often employees comply with safety rules and design training needs accordingly Respond - Get real-time alerts when machinery is driven too quickly, when someone enters a restricted area or employees approach merchandise from an area where there have been recent losses - Receive Smart Alerts when someone enters a restricted area or an area that should not be used during specific time periods Looking for real-life examples? • Watch a video tracking forklift and employee activity (LINK TO VIDEO) • Watch a video showing entry into a restricted area (LINK TO VIDEO Persistent CTA • Healthcare Protecting patients and staff while ensuring efficiency Healthcare facilities are part of every country’s critical infrastructure, so protecting these facilities is crucial. Delivering rapid review,

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