The Importance Of My Experiences In Writing

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Do I have the skills necessary to succeed in this class? That is the first question I asked myself when I first enrolled in this course. The answer to that is yes. There is no doubt in my mind that I stand ready to challenge the crucible that is Composition II; with the vast number of experiences I have had with writing and my ability to learn in an online format.
The writing experiences I have are plenty and will prove that I stand prepared to undertake the numerous challenges that this course will provide. These experiences come in a wide variety of different means. Nearly all of them come from previous classes I have taken in the past, such as the countless different English classes I have completed in my life. If I singled one out, however, I would say my Junior year English class stood above the rest in developing my writing. This is thanks to the fact that this course was the first one to introduce research into writing. Before, I would simply utilize the book that was to be read as the only source of our papers, but in this course I was thrust into the world of research and our teacher demonstrated how effective research was when producing an essay. This brought about a massive change in my mentality when writing a paper and without this experience I would have drowned in the later stages of Composition I. While more of an informal way to develop writing, online interactions also changed the way I write. Ordinarily, online interactions require you to be able to write

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