The Importance Of My Senior Year Of High School

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Starting my senior year of high school, looking back I would have never guess the opportunities and challenges that have been thrown my way. My sixth grade year, before I moved to Lennox I was very confused on what I wanted for myself and how to go about that properly. This downfall prepared me when I moved to Lennox to make sure I took full advantage of my schooling and the opportunities given to me. My life has been confusing at times but it is the experiences and flaws that I have gone through that have shaped me into who I am today. Being the youngest in the family with an older brother, living up to the standards and expectations was hard and often difficult to complete. I lacked in school and wasn’t interested in doing my best, …show more content…

There in the spring I would throw shot put and discus and that is when I knew that if I wanted to make a name for myself it needed to start right then and there with academics and training. Continuing my life into college my biggest outlook is to get a degree in social work. There’s nothing that I would love to do more than help people in any way that I can. Helping people has always been in the back of my head and I would love the opportunity to touch other people’s lives. It is important to me to help as many people as I can, I would like to extend this into my family in the future.
The thing I’m working the hardest for at this moment for my future would be to make it to the Olympics for shot put and or discus. I’ve had this dream since I was very young and just starting out. It would be so amazing to have a USA uniform on my back and getting to do the sport I absolutely adore. I would love to work even harder and dedicate more time for this sport and I am still managing that I am afraid that I will fail and continue to think about the dream coming true instead of living it out the way I would love to. I will always see myself with a family, the thought of pouring the love that my parents poured into me over my own kids seems so honoring. I am driven, to make others’ lives as

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