The Importance Of Objects In My Life

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Most individuals have an object that holds a high value to them and affects their life in one way or another. Behind each object, is a story to be told. Like most people, I have an object in my life that I cherish dearly and will always appreciate because of the positive effect it has on my life. The object is soft to the touch, is a variety of colors, and can be made into a tangible object. The object is extremely important in my life because it has taught me a life lesson that I will always cherish and the object also reminds me of an individual that pushes me to be the best individual I can possibly be and strive for greatness no matter the state of a situation. I first encountered this object when I was about eight years-old. I encountered this object when I was at my grandmother’s house on a Saturday. My grandmother was sitting down underneath the porch and I was right beside her. The view was unbelievably astonishing! Although my grandmother and I were just in the backyard, I remember the grass, trees, and plants being greener than ever and reflecting the light off that came from the sun. It was a beautiful day; the weather was warm, there was a slight cool breeze, birds were chirping, and the sun was glistening beautifully on my grandmother’s skin and mine as well. When I first encountered the object, the only people that were involved was my grandmother and I. I patiently watched my grandmother precisely while she worked her hands with the yarn and created

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