The Importance Of Osteoarthritis

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I will be informing my family while they were here for the Thanksgiving holiday that I have osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative change in the cartilages. I think that my family will react in a very compassionate manner. They are aware that osteoarthritis causes severe pain and that it can affect my mobility in the future. I believe that they will receive the news in various ways. My mother, for instance, may view the condition with more alarm compared to my siblings, who will be more logical about it. They will talk to me about the plans to be put into place once the disease progresses. Osteoarthritis causes changes in the morphology of the bones, and this can impact pain levels and activity levels. According to Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields (2015), aging is a process that will be accompanied by physical, emotional, cognitive, and social changes. I believe that my family understands…show more content…
They also have their own illnesses to contend with and they know that it is a natural part of aging. I also foresee that they will want to know more about the illness, in which case I will tell them that it is treatable. Although I will indeed experience pain, this pain can be mitigated. Along with lifestyle changes, I can successfully combat the disease. I would try as much as possible to plan meals ahead to lessen last-minute tasks. Sitting on a high stool while cooking or washing dishes. I will store appliances within easy reach, using long-handled reachers. On my laundry, I will do only the tasks that are really necessary. For example, buy permanent press items that don't need ironing. Just do one major cleaning task a day such as washing clothes or cleaning the bathroom. Keeping a positive attitude is also important. A positive attitude will let me see solutions to my problems in a better light. Everyone
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