Essay on Gran Torino and The Right Stuff

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Getting old and aging are things that have become difficult points for many and despite the negative representation of the elderly in film, they do serve a purpose. On the big screen we continue to see many underpinnings of ageist assumptions when in fact many of the characters are strong figures that ‘Still have the Right Stuff”. Clint Eastwood dispels that myth and several significant scenes epitomize this concept in the movie hit Gran Torino (2008).
Gran Torino (2008) exposes and defends against ageist assumptions although many believe the underlying theme is that of racism and bigotry. We see an older man, Walt Kowalski
(Eastwood) who has lost his wife and grows throughout the movie because of his relationship with a boy.When …show more content…

The physical signs of aging include a decline in flexibility and endurance in the first incident described below. In the second meeting with Sue, his heroism and powerful strength and persona is appreciated. He is no longer seen as a feeble old man.
“As an initiation, Thao is asked to steal Walt’s prized 1972 Ford Gran Torino. He botches the attempt, as Walt, rather stumblingly, chases his out of his garage with his M1 rifle. Later, Thao’s sister, Sue (Ahney Her) is set upon by some stereotypically predatory young black man and Walt, brandishing a pistol, rescues her. Another scene in which the character of Walt deals with the prejudices of ageist yet remains in control is when his son and daughter in law gift him a telephone for old people with giant buttons and numbers on it for his birthday. They also present him with a gopher to help him pick up things on the ground more easily and retirement brochures.
These gifts “would make things easier because he worked hard his whole life.” This was the last straw and he throws them out. This reaction shows Walt had the right stuff. He was not feeble or afraid to talk back to his children. As people age, they often accept the emotional abuse but Walt would not. Another concept where we see Walt fighting the concept of ageist is his role to ‘man’
Thao up a bit. The elderly are often seen as no longer being valuable members of society yet they

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