The Importance Of Patient Care And Quality Care

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The importance of patient care and quality care is essential for an organization to remain in business. It is often understood that quality over quantity is indispensable and imperative for an organization to succeed. In most cases, costs are not the determining factor and should be of concern when it comes to patient safety and quality care. Therefore, the measurement of the quality care is more valuable than state-of-art facilities, costs, and specialized fields of medicine.

Quality Measures
The quality of care can be measured in so many different ways but to ensure effectiveness and efficiency; Memorial Hospital would need to further review what techniques can empower their brand and their competition. Firstly, Memorial Hospital can evaluate the structure of the organization i.e. the setting, personnel, and policies that are related to the healthcare delivery. Hence, is Memorial Hospital providing resources within the hospital that impacts patient care?

Secondly, Memorial Hospital can further evaluate the outcome measure. Outcome measure can help the hospital to understand what the result of the care received was. This is can also include what the survival rate is for patients that have chronic illness or suffer from a detrimental disease. According to Rymer, (2014), “It would be a useful goal to create metrics that would reflect worldwide improvements in access to care and outcome, based on the current available evidence” (p. 3).…
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