The Importance Of Patient Safety And Preventative Care

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Across the world patient safety is a major concern when discussing nursing care and health care systems. It is the nurse’s responsibility to advocate for every one of their patients as well as protect the rights and safety of each patient. This is such an important topic because the care and well-being of the patient should be the nurse’s main concern. While caring for each patient the nurse should practice good safety techniques to help prevent further illness or distress to the patient. In this essay I will be discussing the importance of patient safety and preventative care. The essay will be organized into different subjects related to the nurse’s responsibility in patient safety. Subjects such as patient advocacy, preventative care, patient education, errors and documentation will be discussed throughout the paper. The World Health Organization defines patient safety as “the reduction of risk of unnecessary harm associated with health care to an acceptable minimum”. (Emanuel, 2008) There are many things that nurses must do to assure that this is being executed while preforming care to each patient. The main concern when addressing patient safety would be the proper use of adequate staff and the newest evidence based practice. While it is imperative that each nurse and all other staff members are performing safe practice with each and every patient, it is also important that there are enough educated and qualified nurses and other staff using the most up to date proper
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