The Importance Of Physical Education

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Like any other subject, physical education is vital for students and is definitely essential in a school’s curriculum. A main factor for PE being an essential part of the school’s curriculum is it promotes a healthy lifestyle. The school setting for a child should not be effective by their outside situations, so if a student can’t be physical activity at home he or she should receive that opportunity at school. Students may come from low-income families that makes in hard for students to learn locomotor skills, so it hinders children from developing skills they need. By having physical education in a school’s curriculum is a way for all students to be at equal play fields and it also helps with their social skills not just the physical aspect of PE. A high-equality PE lesson consists of many parts. For starters, a high equality PE lesson begins with organization and preparation. That would mean a teacher had a lesson plan about the activity or activities the students would be doing. Another attribute for a high-equality PE lesson is the activity, skill practice, or game should aim for more than 50 percent of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) for at least more than half the time. Throughout the PE lesson the teachers show try to model the inverted U, which is have high level MVPA with some teachable moments for the students. The physical activity itself should be inviting to all students. It should be fun, safe, include a skill practice and the fitness should

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