The Importance Of Physical Education In School Curriculum?

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Today we are facing certain issues that are helping in incorporating physical education in school curriculum since we have come to realization of the benefits. We face a lack of physical activity amongst children when physical activity is required for their well-being. We have issues on why physical education is in need now more than ever-in schools. While also recognizing the reasons as to why some schools are now adopting physical education to the curriculum. Physical education is or should become incorporated in schools more due to lack of inactivity. It has proven to help in preventing obesity amongst the children and teens when physical education was added in the learning curriculum. As it was proven by “physical activity across the curriculum (PAAC) it has shown promise in weight management” (Gibson, et al, 2008). PAAC evaluated “4905 children from 24 schools” for a year by helping teachers involving physical activity in their teaching lessons to better help in improving, and teaching kids about being active. The PAAC helped teachers create lesson plans with physical activities during breaks and make other lesson plans a bit more fun than just the regular routine. During the time, that PAAC was helping with the lesson plans it was shown, that teachers had increased physical activity from “47 minutes to 65 minutes” as well as helped with behavioral issues some students might have or fidgeting plus it made them more focused and alert which the teachers loved. Still

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