The Importance Of Political Socialization

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My family and I are newly immigrants from Vietnam where people do not talk much about politics. Coming to the United States, I was overwhelmed by various media that we can access political information. Even though online news is my main source to get information, soft news through comedian’s show is my favorite channel to get political news such as “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” It is interesting and wider spreading that people insert political controversies into entertaining TV show. Even though I am not a citizen now, I am interested to be able to vote once possible. I would not align myself with any political party right now, but I consider myself as a moderate conservative. The last presidential campaign was debatable. I would vote for Trump.
My parents are not my main source to form my political socialization since they are the generations where the one-party system in Vietnam is strictly enforced. The younger generations who are in their twenties like me are more exposed to international political information. Hence, we are getting more and more involved in political activities in Vietnam as well as in the world. I have learnt from our country experience that the most important thing for a healthy political system is the people’s trust in the government. Without it, the government remains weak and not effective. While my political socialization is not strongly formed by my own mother country, the Asian community here in the United States are not very active in

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