The Importance Of Press Conferences

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Press conferences and speech making are essential for the executive branch to not only inform, but also connect with the American public. The role of meeting with multiple reporters for interviews first came about during the Roosevelt administration and later evolved during the Wilson administration. Throughout the years, the amount of press conferences the president has held has varied and have increased during certain points in our country’s history. Looking at Figure 2, we see this variation in the amount of press conferences held over time. This variation can be accredited to scandals in the White House that year, presidential image and political involvement which includes legislation. Aside from discussing how these factors affect the president’s behavior, I will also discuss how it varies between each administration and provide examples to support this theory. Scandals were one of the issues which both former President Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton had to face during their administration. Scandals of this magnitude tend to change presidential behavior because the media tends to criticize and challenge the president according to Cohen. Because of this, a president might chose to engage in fewer press conferences in order to avoid being negatively criticized by the media. Between the years 1970 and 1974 we see a low number of press conferences given on behalf of Nixon due to the Watergate scandal. Not only would engaging in further press conference would have
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