The Importance Of Professional Development

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According to Linda Darling-Hammond (1997), regular opportunities, in the form of professional development, must be given to teachers so they learn from on another. Professional development gives teachers a chance to up date, how children learn, new technological tools for the classroom curriculum resources that are new. Ongoing professional development is collaborative, experiential and trains teachers to connect and derive new knowledge from interacting with their students and learning about their culture. Consistent profession learning of teachers is a factor in the determination of quality teaching. Research shows that professional learning affects student learning and achievement.If we are to be a quality school with expert teachers “that is teachers who know a lot about teaching and learning and who work in environments that allow them to know students well are the critical elements of successful learning” (p. 8).


The National Staff Development Council (2007) developed nine standards that all educators, administrators and education boards should follow. As an example of the need for our teachers to receive more professional development An international report by TALIS found that one in four teachers in most countries lose about 30% of their classroom time due to disruptive behavior in children and some teachers lose more than half. Sixty percent of teachers work in school where school principals have reported classroom disturbances hinder

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