The Importance Of Professional Development

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Engaging teachers in a learning community, fosters professional growth by developing relationships among peers (Schramm, 2006). Learning communities provide professional development that is implemented to improve the learning of students and professionalism of teachers. Teachers within learning communities are organized in order to collaborate on addressing goals that are aligned with expected school and district outcomes. Effective leadership is a key factor in effective implementation of professional development within a school (Schramm, 2006). In order to maximize the benefits of professional development opportunities, school leaders need to provide staff development that is focused on improving the learning of students. Focused professional development requires skillful school leaders who are knowledgeable and capable of guiding teachers and the school in continuous instructional improvement. Providing teachers with access to resources that support the strategies learned during professional development is imperative for effective implementation (Schramm, 2006). Increasing teacher exposure to educational resources, benefits both the teacher and the student. However, in-order for resources to adequately meet the need of the teacher and student, professional development must be provided on effective use and implementation. Professional development that provides teachers with the tools and knowledge to effectively use data is necessary for improving student outcomes

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