The Importance Of Public Speaking

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Merriam-Webster defines democracy as government by the people, but what truly does that mean? Take the United States of America for an example. As a nation they set a prime example to other countries on democracy and what it means for the people and the government. With democracy comes other aspects such as: the President, how Americans select their President, and electing other officials. One way many U.S. citizens select their President it after watching the Presidential debate. The only problem with that, is that not many people truly understand what debate is and how important of a role it plays in democracy. While many schools do offer debate programs, not many are well funded and suffer because of their lack of money. According to a study conducted in 2017, 74% of U.S. citizens listed fear of public speaking as their number one phobia. Glossophobia can greatly impact a person’s life. If one does not know how to properly prepare and conduct a speak then they could miss out on major life opportunities. This essay will cover the importance of good public speaking, the many benefits of public speaking, the history of debate, and why debate is important in both everyday life and in driving democracy. In today’s world too many people think they are better public speakers than they actually are. There are many aspects that people do not take into consideration when preparing their speech. Nick Gold, author of “How to better at public speaking”, explains that, “At the start
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