The Importance Of Punctuation In Writing

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Writing has always been a challenge for me. This is well evidenced by reading papers I wrote as recently as this past August. Concepts such as flow, content, vocabulary, structure, organization, grammar, and tone appear simple enough to capture on paper; I have learned over the past few months, however, that appearances can be misleading. Writing takes planning, creativity, commitment, and for me, a great deal of revising. I cannot pretend any mastery of these tasks. However, I have made progress. I spent extensive time improving my vocabulary, building better organizational skills, strengthening my use of grammar, and studying proper use of punctuation.

Punctuation is one area I will address. It has both a logistical purpose and an expressive one. I tried to understand and improve my writing by studying not only proper use of punctuation, but also how to use punctuation to enhance the feeling and tone of my writing. Being a theatre and show coir performer, I look for tools to convey feeling and emotion to others. Punctuation has been added to my toolbox. As I write straight plays and monologues, I now use punctuation more effectively to express characters' views and thoughts. When reviewing dependent and independent phrases and compound and complex sentences, I began to understand one of the most underutilized and incorrectly used bits of punctuation; the semicolon had found its' way to my toolbox. I believe of all the punctuation I improved during this course, the

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