The Importance Of Qualitative Research

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The quality of qualitative research is of great importance because as the data obtained from the research can be used to form the basis in quantitative research. Several researchers have criticized the fact that qualitative research does not have a method that can be used to measure its quality. However, there are various concepts that can be used to measure the quality of qualitative research. These methods are the school of thoughts of Dixon-Woods et al. and the Lincoln et al. and the measurement of reliability, validity, and generalizability. According to various researches, these methods have been efficient in computing the quality of qualitative researches.

In retrospective, qualitative research is of great significance to quantitative research because it contributes to it and provides background for the research. It assists in giving information on psych-social aspects of patient care and the provision of health services (Taylor & Bogdan, 1984). Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research has been regularly critiqued for not having a technique that can be used to evaluate its quality. According to research, qualitative research quality can be measured using several concepts (Miles & Hagerman, 1994). Taylor & Bogdan (1984) has researched on some of the concepts which are school of thoughts given by Dixon-Woods et al. school of thought. Taylor & Bogdan, (1984) further states that the quality of qualitative research can be measured by determining the validity,

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