The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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I have been reading and writing for most of my life. It all started way back in middle school. Most of my writings ended up being persuasive or narrative pieces. I would just sit down and pour out stories about myself onto pages like I was talking to a huge audience that was, for some reason, super interested in me. I remember in 7th grade I loved writing because I just got to talk about my life and all the things that happened to me. Whether the story was embarrassing to me, or were big milestones in my 13-year old life I always had a place to share a piece of me. If I couldn’t think of anything, I could just make something up and no one would know it wasn’t true. I would write about my crazy family and all the dysfunctional vacations we would go on and it didn’t even feel like an assignment to me. It was easy. It was a place that I could really express myself and I loved it. This sparked an interest in literature and writing that was carried out through my future in different forms. Components of all the writing and reading experiences I had, still show up in my writing style now, even if I’m not intentionally adding them in. But I’ll talk about that later, now for the next stop on my writing journey.
As I got older, I stopped writing for fun. I only wrote papers about things I had no interest in like history or analysis of boring books that I was forced to read. So, to balance it out I began reading things I had an interest in, poetry. I always enjoyed writing about

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