The Importance Of Residential Schools

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As a grade six teacher, I would use significance and continuity and change as my social studies learning concepts to teach about Residential Schools. My specific expectation would be A3.4 “describe significant events or developments in the history of two or more communities in Canada and how these events affected the communities’ development and/ or identity” (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2013, p.122). I can also connect the topic of Residential Schools to other social studies concepts such as perspective and cause and consequence. There will be students who will not want to learn certain knowledge and may resist to learn about Residential Schools and Aboriginal Peoples. However, as a future educator I believe it is important to motivate…show more content…
“In 1996, the Aboriginal Rights and Coalition worked with Indigenous elders and teachers to develop an interactive way of learning the history most Canadians are never taught” (Kairos, 2016). The blanket exercise can be changed to the level of maturity and age of the students. However, the goal is to build an understanding about history of Indigenous and non- Indigenous peoples in Canada, by walking through pre-contact, treaty making, colonization and resistance. All students are included in this activity and step onto the blankets, which represents the land. There is a facilitator, which is the narrator and the European colonizer. Students are drawn into the experience by reading the scrolls and carry cards with them, which determines their outcome. This activity is a great way to debunk any misconceptions that students may have had about Indigenous history. This activity can certainly get emotional, therefore a class discussion or debrief is required. I would use a cross curricular approach by using the language curriculum to teach about Residential schools. Ontario Ministry of Education (2013) suggests that social studies lessons can be used for critical literacy. Students learn to critique messages, determine the audience, the missing voices and the authors intention. Lintner (2010) talks about a very important concept critical geographic awareness whereby it asks students to be active readers,
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