The Importance Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Most schools in America have a school uniform or school dress code. These dress codes usually consist of blue, green, white, red, or black collared shirts and khaki pants or shorts with close toed shoes. As it stands today schools have no true reasoning to force their students to wear uniforms. However, at the high school level most schools don’t have dress code anymore. Well if that is the case then why does McKeel force students to wear uniforms despite other schools actions? To begin with, school uniforms serve neither a positive or negative purpose in the school system. The uniforms are rough, jagged, and uncomfortable. Just in order to wear them many of the students have to use get the clothes hemmed, adjusted, and stretched. In extreme cases some students have to get their clothes specially made or even safety pinned. Not only that but the fabric used to make the clothes is cheap making the school uniform itchy. Furthermore, almost all other high schools in the Polk County do not require high schools students to have a dress code. This is due to the fact that the Polk County school board doesn’t require high schools to have uniforms. For example, public high schools such as Kathleen, Lakeland, Lake Gibson, and Teneroc all do not have school uniforms. Their students come to school wearing whatever clothes that they feel like wearing that day. Of course they have guidelines like no explicit language or images and no excessive tearing or holes in clothing but they are

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