The Importance Of Science And Mathematics

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I’ve always had a complicated relationship with math and science classes growing up. Science has always fascinated me, especially marine science, but I didn’t always understand it, especially advanced forms of science. Science and Mathematics has had both a positive and negative effect on how I’ve developed academically. Experiences from former teachers and their teaching method had given me both fears and enjoyment out of my learning. My first experience with math or science was when I was in kindergarten. At the time, I didn’t know I was practicing my math and science skills, in fact, I was under the impression that I was just playing around. Kindergarten was pleasurable, you were allowed to play outside, at the rice table, with the blocks, when I was a child I believed it was just playing. What I didn’t know was that these “games” were the building blocks to my math and science career. Later in my academic career, I learned that math was exceptionally dreadful. My 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Hanson, had a negative impact on my liking towards math. 3RD grade can be stressful enough with the jump in learning as it is. My teacher taught the times tables in a way that made me never wish to look at my agenda again. His way of teaching the times table was to tell us to memorize the table in the back of our agenda and just know it that way. I had a difficult time learning it this way due to the fact that I’m a hands-on learner. When I couldn’t memorize the table his way, he was

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