The Importance Of Segregation In The United States

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Segregation , slavery, abuse what more else can we go through? . Black African Americans often feels like the worst race in the world. We are more than what you see. We are not just ignorant , loud, ghetto and dimensional people. We go through and have been through a lot since the black police killings, and hard livings. We are more than athletics who can jump real high or run really fast. We are more than what you see. The struggles of being black is that the news always make us look like something we are not. They never put the good that we do in the papers , so the people can only see the bad. A white person can kill a million people and get off free vise versa a black person can roll a joint and get an 10 years of jail time for public intoxication and consumption of an illegal substance. Oral Lee sends 20 kids to college and you will never hear about it in the news. Why wouldn't anyone want us doing good? Why do we have to be seen as criminals in the world ? They position us in a place we consider “the hood.” They don't place any jobs around us and wonder why our kind struggles the most. It's quite humorous how we do…show more content…
I walk by a car door that is constantly getting locked . I can't even stand on an elevator because everybody thinks they getting robbed. People always assuming or jumping to conclusions. Our life is 10x harder than what it is supposed to be. We should be treated like regular civilians, we can't even walk into a store without getting watched. We are seen as violent uneducated criminal savages until proved wrong. Another thing that is hard about being black is that the black culture is up against you. Your own kind don't wanna see you do well, so they constantly attempt to push you down instead of helping achieve your goals. People discriminate on anyone with a jail record. Since black people are jailed at high rates, especially the men they struggle to get decent jobs
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