The Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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Not all schools provide sex education even though they should because students will gain a lot of knowledge from these classes. These classes should be mostly focuseds from early middle school years to high school. That way students would have much more knowledge of STDs, puberty, and could even help them with their sexual orientation. Parents should also want to talk to their teens about it and sexual education should even start at home. They play a big role in the education of their teens and it shouldn’t just be the school’s option to have talked to students about it. Even though some parents might feel uncomfortarble or even embarrassed talking to their kids about it or afraid they won’t take them seriously it is really recommended they do it when they are growing from children to teenagers. Maybe some parent’s might even think that talking to their children about sex might just cause them to be more curious or push them to act because they are bringing the topic up. Sex education should be should be provided in school’s every student deserves to have more knowledge of what it really is,. It will help to maybe decrease the amount of teenage pregnancy, it could aware teens of diseases and ways to prevent them from occurring, and it would teach them about abstinence, it will help teach them about sexual orientation and homosexuality as well.
In today’s society teenage pregnancy is happening more often. Sometimes when young teens don’t use the right protection they might

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