The Importance Of Sexual Education

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In our culture, sex is a taboo subject and our youth is an example of the effects of sexual ignorance. Sexual education in schools is often responded with apprehension from parents because the line between sexual education and lechery can easily be crossed, especially with minors. Sexual education is sex education about sexuality, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and attitudes and principles about sex. Currently, the United States has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy and abortion compared to other western countries. Interestingly, the United States has the weakest sexual education curriculum compared to developed European countries. On the same note, cases of rape are staggering in the US, a result of sexual misinformation about consent. Teenage misinformation about sex is on the rise due to the increasing accessibility of inappropriate sources for sexual education that distort sexual behavior, like pornography. A sexual education class can help dispel myths surrounding sex. Therefore, the underlying question is – should sexual education be required in public schools, without the option to opt-out? Sexual education should be obligatory rather than optional in schools because schools are a safer and reliable source for sex information, sexual education can reduce teen pregnancy, and it can protect children and educate teenagers about proper practices and social views regarding consent and child sexual abuse.
To counteract the uncontainable

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