The Importance Of Social Media

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Social Media is now a big platform for people to share information and to show their opinions on topics online. Social Media is a huge thing and is mostly good for society. It provides people with entertainment, information, and also helps people and businesses make more money with advertisements. This way of communicating is more readily available and can also help people get information when needed much quicker. Despite what people think about social media and it making people less intelligent this has been dubbed false with this article saying “virtually everything you think you know about how social media affects the brain is based on conjecture”. The first reason why social media is a great thing for people in today's society is because it helps provide a form of entertainment. This a huge reason why social media is so popular because it has a lot of entertainment on it. This includes youtubers and streamers which also fall into the category of using social media as a way to help themselves make more revenue. The youtubers and streamers promote themselves and just like music artists they promote their new things they come out with. The entertainment is also a way to just get away sometimes for some people. This helps people when they are going through hard times and they just need to be put in a good mood. This is a huge reason why social media is a good thing for society. The entertainment also isn’t a bad thing for people to look at on social media they could just

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