The Importance Of Sports In College Sports

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Standing at the fifty yard line, with a universities’ jersey on, surrounded by 100,000 people is a student. This student wakes up every day like any other student, he goes to class, he eats in the dining halls, and he studies for his exams. The only difference is he plays football, and the 100,000 people in the stadium payed to come watch this student play. This morning, he wakes up with his roommate, who is also on the football team. They put on their game day outfit, a suit and tie, and walk over to the dining hall for breakfast. After, they walk over to the stadium a few hours before the game to get mentally prepared. They sit in their locker stalls with headphones on, putting their equipment on for warmups. The whole team walks out together screaming, and chanting; you can hear their cleats hitting the concrete as they walk through the tunnel. Today this student is going to do what he dreamed of doing as a child; play his sport on live television. As a child he didn’t know the amount of hours he’d be dedicating to the universities’ team. He didn’t know how much the university would benefit off of him. Now this student feels taken advantage of, and feels like he should get some sort of compensation. College sports became a business in every way. From ticket sales to the viewers at home who are supplied a broadcast to watch this student play. This student is about to risk his life for his university, to win a football game. What does this student get in

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