The Importance Of Student Success

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Academic success has always been on the student and what he or she believes to be right. Some students are more hardworking than others which is why they’re able to achieve their goals. These are the students you see coming after school to get help with homework, constantly asking questions and trying to get the help from others that do understand the material. Many believe that it’s always on the student and the effort they put into their academics that determine their future and the success they deserve. After going through various sources and collecting data from different pieces of writing the only conclusion that was possible to find was that success is determined by not only the student but the environment they’re in which includes …show more content…

Gladwell interviews one of the founders of KIPP who stated, “our kids are spending fifty to sixty percent more time learning,” (12); the kids at KIPP are meant to start school at 7:25 am and getting home at around 7 pm meaning they have a 12 hour day. As a matter of fact, the kids at KIPP are spending most of the day in school and are showing great results in the way the school day is set up. The KIPP students are spending time in school with little distractions and are in a class longer which gives them the opportunity to ask the questions they need. The research Gladwell has done in order to come to the conclusion that students need more time in school was supported by the research he did on different schools that also have low-income students attending. Gladwell includes the statement stating, “For Japanese twelfth graders, the answer was 92%. That’s the value of going to school 243 days a year,” (9); this is longer than the schools in the Anaheim district. Anaheim High School has 180 student days in a year with each day starting at 6:49 am for those who have zero period and 7:44 am for a regular day up until 2:37 pm where the day ends. Anaheim High School is half of KIPP’s day and isn’t showing the results that are needed, meaning that the system needs to change. The school days need to start at 8 am and end at 4:12 pm in order to have the class period longer which would result in a longer day with longer periods. Having this system

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