The Importance Of Sustainable Development Of Human Capital

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The Current study aimed at Sustainable Development of Human Capital from Ground level to Global. The paper highlights the role of education in the growth of economic competitiveness and efficiency of human capital, in accordance with the quality of education and investments in human resources, in order to enhance labour productiveness.
The paper draws conclusions regarding the importance of the sustainable development of human capital as the operation of a modern economy requires the existence of a well-trained labour force, education representing one of the fundamental pillars of any society’s development. According to Ranjeet Kumar (2015),”In today’s fast paced materialistic technology ridden life, an individual may feel good on the outside but has not found inner peace, Satisfaction, happiness, positivity or resilience.” Gill Seyfang & Smith (2012), obtained that Human Capital refers to the various qualitative dimensions of the human being. It plays an important role in sustainable development and the major source of economic growth in modern economies. This abstract views human welfare and well-being as both ends and means. Francisco Maldonado (2005) said that the Sustainability has been defined as an alternative to create new technologies and engineering systems that will satisfy the needs of humanity in this generation without placing at risk the ability to satisfy the needs of future generations. Collins et al.(2006) explained that Innovation and community action is

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