The Importance Of Teacher Attrition In Education

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Twenty-three percent of teachers leave the teaching profession during their first five years of teaching (Elisa Shernoff, Ane Marín ̃ ez-Lora, Stacy Frazier, Lara Jakobsons, Marc Atkins,& Deborah Bonner, 2011, p. 465). Teaching has been a career before writing was established, however there has never been such a high attrition rate in teaching. Attrition is defined as a “reduction in workforce without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced”(CITATION Dictionary .com). While the current flow of students training to become teachers is still strong, novice teachers do not find enough encouragement in their first few years of teaching to remain in the profession. Instead, their experiences cause them to feel discouraged and disrespected to the point that they do not believe that teaching is where they belong. This crisis regarding education sustainability needs to be redefined to include the sustainability of teachers. Sustaining future education relies on creating and hiring teachers who enjoy being part of a learning environment. The use of student teaching, teacher collaboration, and less mandated learning goals can lower the teacher attrition rate and sustain education. Also, although some people believe that other resources are more important to sustain, education is going to be detrimental to the success of future societies.
Student teaching can help lessen teacher attrition by giving the pre-service teacher experience in a classroom,

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