The Importance Of TeacherWellfung : More Important Than A Student's Wellbeing

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The topic of debate is whether teacher’s wellbeing is more important than a student’s wellbeing can swing both ways on the see saw. Research has suggested that student wellbeing begins with teacher wellbeing and if the teacher is not feeling a sense of wellbeing with themselves then the quality of the learning from students will be impacted through classroom behaviour and engagement. (Flaecki, D 2005). The concept of wellbeing is hard to define but in part, this is because how people perceive wellbeing and their different interpretations are very different in different contexts. The definition here is that wellbeing is about the importance of having a sense of respect, purpose for oneself and others and knowing their place in their industry and community. (White, S. 2008).

The importance of teacher’s wellbeing and their impact in the classroom, shaping and molding of the young minds that parents send with confidence to school every day of the week. (NSW Department of Education and Communities, 2015) The stress levels in the teaching profession are amongst the highest of any occupation across many countries. (Stoeber J & Renner D, 2008) The pressure associated with high student expectations and their demands, knowing their content of work to engage a classroom audience, their high workload levels, vulnerability due to responsibility, involvement in over 1000 interactive communications per day with students and their continuous deadlines for paperwork and admin duties, all

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